Monday, February 29, 2016

Republicans Who Don't Want Trump Need a Viable Alternate Candidate

Those Republicans who don't want Donald Trump need a better alternative candidate than either member of the Cuban junior varsity.  

Neither Senator Ted Cruz nor Senator Marco Rubio can win in November.  Cruz and his supporters aren't even smart enough to realize that he isn't eligible to be president.  Rubio might be a viable candidate when he grows up, but right now he's just an inexperienced virtual political child.   Their only appeal is to Republican true believers who don't understand that most people don't share their simplistic view of political reality. 

The Republican Party is a minority party and must attract Democrats and Independents to win.  Cruz and Rubio can't attract Independents or Democrats.  The only thing they can do is attract enough Republicans to keep Trump's competitors from winning  enough votes to compete.   If they had stayed out of the race it is very possible that one or two of the governors would have been competitive with Trump.   Some of those who want a candidate outside of politics  might be supporting Dr. Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina if they hadn't been stuck at the back of the pack because they couldn't pass the Cubans. 

Trump is winning because the Cubans have eliminated his competition.  Those who would have voted for the other candidates have switched to Trump as it has become apparent the other candidates cannot  win.  Trump is also winning because people recognize he is a leader who is larger than life.  He's the only presidential candidate since President Ronald Reagan who is larger than life.  Being larger than life refers to a person's personality.  Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were larger than life in spite of their flaws.

Trump's opponents may have waited too long to stop him.  The longer they wait the lower their chances of stopping Trump. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush may be the only ones who have enough name recognition to have a chance.

Cruz is a naturalized citizen because his citizenship come from naturalization law.  He did not become a citizen by being born.  He became a citizen because his parents met the conditions necessary to have a child become a naturalized citizen.

A natural born citizen automatically and unconditionally becomes a citizen at birth if the birth occurs in the United States.    Consider the following examples.  A Mexican woman crosses the border into Arizona.  Fifteen yards into Arizona she gives birth.  They child would be a citizen because it was born in the U.S.   In a Los Angeles hospital an Iraqi woman gives birth just before dying from wounds she received while conducting a terrorist attack.  In spite of the mother's actions the child would become a citizen because it was born in the U.S. 

Cruz did not automatically become a citizen at birth because his mother had to meet certain conditions to obtain citizenship for him.  If she had only been 18 when he was born he could not have become a citizen.  If she hadn't been married to his father he could not have become a citizen.  

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