Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why Is Rush Limbaugh Helping the Democrats?

Rush Limbaugh doesn't understand that he is the best friend the Democrats have.  He is helping them get the devotion of the Main Stream Media.

Most national journalists don't understand  politics, but somewhere they got the notion that politics is like fifties television westerns.  They believe politics is a contest between good guys and bad guys and the good guys are called "liberals".  Journalists have no idea what the term "liberal" means, but they are convinced "liberals" are the Roy Rogers and Lone Ranger of politics. 

Limbaugh may score points with those who consider themselves "conservatives" when he mislabels Democrats as "liberals", but the practice helps Democrats get media and public support they do not deserve.

There was a time when Democrats could be considered liberals, but liberals do not always remain liberals.  Friedrich Nietzsche  once observed:  "Liberal institutions straightway cease from being liberal the moment they are soundly established: once this is attained no more grievous and more thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions."  

Once liberals get what they want, they defend their creations like a mama bear protecting her cubs.

The fact is that liberal Democrats are an endangered, if not extinct, political species. Most national level Democrats tend to be ultraconservative elitist control freaks and thus the antithesis of liberals.  

Real liberals look for new approaches to dealing with social problems and operating government.  Democrats haven't had a new idea in 50  years.  They have only one approach to dealing with social problems -- heavy government regulation and large spending programs controlled from Washington.

Real liberals tolerate the opinions of others.  Democrat are "true believers"  who attack anyone with the audacity to suggest Democrats are wrong regardless of how simple-minded the Democrat favored ideas are. 

Real liberals have compassion.  Democratic leaders favor policies that would please Adolph Hitler.  Democrats believe in aborting babies which don't possess the characteristics Hitler desired for his "master race".   No real liberal could support abortion. 

Real liberals would recognize that there is only one race of Americans, if not humanity in general.   Democrats practice Archie Bunker "politics".   For those unfamiliar with the old "All in the Family" television show,  Archie Bunker was a bigoted character who lived with his wife and their daughter and her husband.   An ad for the show used a segment in which Archie explained a "balanced" political ticket to his son-in-law Michael.  Archie may have used different words, but he explained that his party ran a black candidate for one position, a Jew for one position, an Italian for another, etc. and a "Regular American", a white guy like Archie, for the final position.     Democrats believe Americans belong to different races with all members within an ethic group wanting the same thing. 

Like Archie Bunker, Democrats believe only white people are the regular Americans and everyone else is a quasi American.   For example, to Democrats black Americans are Africans [living in] America and those with Asian ancestry are Asians [living in] America.

Limbaugh also lies when he says Democrats are anti-business or anti-corporation.   The fact is that Democrats are just as pro-business as Republicans, but Democrats often favor different businesses than Republicans. 

Democrats tend  to favor businesses that want something from government and thus are willing to help Democrats win elections.  For example,  health insurance companies were  upset because some people weren't buying their over priced health insurance.  The companies convinced their pet Democrats to pass legislation requiring everyone to obtain health insurance, with penalties for those who don't comply.  If Democrats hadn't been pro-business, the program would have set up a government run program financed by a tax based on a person's ability to pay, with people being allowed to escape the tax by purchasing private insurance.

Democrats also demonstrate their pro-corporation inclination by their support for the greatest corporate fraud in history, Enron's global warming scam.  The claim that changes in the carbon dioxide content of the air of a few parts per million could change air temperatures is so absurd,  it should be recognized as obviously false by any intelligent person.

Real liberals tend to be optimists who look on the positive side.  Democrats belong to the "disaster of the month club".    They warn of impending doom if their policies are not followed on issues like global warming nonsense.

Liberal President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."  Today's Democrats say we should fear this, that and the other thing." 

Limbaugh's continued misrepresentation of Democrats as "liberals" gives them a positive image they do not deserve.  The Democratic Party is a rotten apple that is corrupt to its core.  Democrats think they are better than the rest of us, but are really worse.

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