Friday, February 12, 2016

Wrong Groups Protest Illegal Immigration

Protests of illegal immigration into the United States are peculiar because the wrong groups are protesting.

Most of those protesting immigration are white folks who don't want the entry level jobs the illegal immigrants usually take, particularly those involving manual labor or domestic service.   These jobs are the type of jobs young blacks need to enter the labor force.  Members of ethnic groups trying to enter the American labor force often begin with the least desirable jobs so that their children can have an opportunity for better jobs later.    The loss of entry level  jobs to illegal immigrants is keeping black unemployment higher than it should be.   Hispanic ancestry citizens and those who are in the country legally also can lose jobs to those who are in the country illegally.

President Barack Obama is undoubtedly encouraging illegal immigration because the corporate interests that bought the White House for him want a labor surplus so they can keep wages down and find people who are willing to work for less than the minimum wage. 

The immigrants that take jobs from whites  often are legal immigrants.   Some tech companies use the H1B immigration program to replace American employees with immigrants who will work for less.

Many of those who complain about "illegals" have the misconception that they are all from Mexico and come into the country by illegally crossing the border from Mexico.   Many of those who enter the country by illegally crossing the border are from Central America rather of Mexico.   Some of those who enter the country illegally arrive by sea from Asia, the Middle East or Africa.    Many of those who are in the country illegally entered the country legally on student or tourist visas and simply "forgot" to leave.

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