Friday, March 11, 2016

Powerful Women Have Babies - Powerless Women Get Abortions

Contrary to the claim of abortion advocates, abortions don't empower women.  Abortions disempower women.

Humans are the most powerful creatures on earth.   The most powerful humans are the ones who can make new humans.   A pregnant woman is demonstrating her  power to make a human being.  An abortion stops that power from continuing.

Some people think they are being powerful when they kill others or destroy property.   However,  those actions don't require much power.  It doesn't take much power to pull a trigger or throw a rock through a window.  The real power is making [giving birth to] the person who is killed or making or installing a window.

It takes power to finish a job.  Quitting doesn't require any power, but may be an admission that the person lacks the necessary power to complete the task.

People often resort to violence when they lack the mental "power", or ability, to deal with personal conflicts.   If their world starts to collapse, they start shooting people.  Women who choose abortions are indicating they lack the mental strength or power to continue a pregnancy.  They are saying they are powerless rather than powerful.

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