Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crimea Separation from Ukraine Best for Everyone

Contrary to the opinion of President Barack Obama there is nothing illegal about the recent vote for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to leave the chaotic situation in The Ukraine.   In 1991 the Ukraine separated itself from the deteriorating government of the then  Soviet Union by a declaration of independence and created a precedent for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to separate itself from The Ukraine.  The obvious instability associated with the fall of the Ukrainian government justified The Republic of Crimea's exit from The Ukraine.

If there was a recent violation of international law in The Ukraine it is more likely associated with the mob that overthrew the elected government.  That mob closely resembled a fifth column like Nazi Germany used against nations it wanted to conquer.    If the European Union accepts The Ukraine for membership now the EU will be implying it helped overthrow of The Ukraine government.  If the EU accepts The Ukraine without waiting for at least two elections, not counting the upcoming one, the EU will imply it eliminated a government that opposed EU membership so the EU could conquer The Ukraine.

Requiring The Ukraine to first demonstrate it is a stable democracy that changes government only through elections will indicate that the EU recognizes The Ukraine's political instability makes it an undesirable member.    The recent use of mob rule to change the government indicates the presence of a cancer that must first be isolated and cured before The Ukraine is considered healthy enough to be allowed into the EU.  Allegations that some of the groups responsible have previously supported extremist views should be of particular concern to EU members,  

The EU needs to conduct a thorough investigation of the recent change in The Ukraine's government so member nations know what they need to do to prevent similar events in their countries.   The EU needs to identify any business individuals  or non-Ukrainians involved so EU members will know who to watch out for.

Political instability such as that associated with the fall of the Ukrainian government can lead to ethic violence in countries with strong ethnic divisions.  Without a stable central government, the Crimean Republic  had to take over the responsibility of protecting its citizens.  Separating from the ineffectual Ukrainian government made that job easier.   Crimea's "divorce" from The Ukraine will reduce the potential for an ethnic centered civil war between the Russians of Crimea and the Ukrainians.   Reducing ethnic tensions will reduce the demands on the Ukrainian government and simplify the task of restoring a stable government. 

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