Saturday, March 8, 2014

Barack "Don Quixote" Obama

I had a dream last night in which Barack Obama was wearing a helmet and carrying a lance like the fictional character Don Quixote  who had a reputation for attacking make believe foes.   The only other clothing Obama
had on was swimming trunks.  He was riding a horse that had a remarkable resemblance to John Kerry

As he moved his lance up and down  he was chanting:  "we must stop global warming." He continued to chant as the reading on the thermometer dropped below freezing and he began turning blue.

He continued chanting "we must stop global warming" as the snow began to fall.  Soon the snow was up to his knees with his horse unable to move, but he continued to chant "we must stop global warning" until the snow covered him and his horse.

Obama's comments on non-existent global warming this winter  demonstrates how he is increasingly out of touch with reality.  Obama talked about global warming in a State of the Union speech delivered on a night when the Gulf Coast was preparing to deal with freezing temperatures.  He urged businesses to switch to natural gas at a time when natural gas companies were asking for rate increases because the cold weather was creating a shortage of gas.

Obama wants to spend $1billion dealing with non-existent global warming at a time when cities are trying to find money to pay the costs of a snow filled winter.

Obama has continued to push his global warming nonsense through his Secretary of State John Kerry.

A rational president would have omitted mention of the global warming issue during a severe cold spell because he would have recognized that people who were worried about their cars slip sliding off the road aren't going to believe talk about global warming.  But then a rational president would understand that the claim that CO2 causes something called global warming is  nonsense.  The claim is based on a 19th Century myth that greenhouses and the atmosphere are heated by trapping infrared radiation.  Physicist R. W. Wood disproved this claim in 1909. 

Law enforcement personnel will tell you that if a financial opportunity sounds too good to be true, it's probably a scam.   With political scams the reverse is true.  Politicians will make the situation sound much worse than it is.  For example,  President George W. Bush insisted we had to invade Iraq to keep Saddam Hussein from giving Weapons of Mass Destruction to al Qaeda.  The fact is that there is no way a paranoid dictator like Hussein would have given WMD to an organization that might want to take his job.   The people pushing the global warming hysteria are claiming all sorts of unbelievable calamities will occur.  

Obama is also out of touch with reality in the Ukrainian crisis.  His criticism of Russia is questionable   He calls the Ukraine a democracy even though the current change in government control occurred as the result of protests rather than election.  The pro European Union group took control after members of the president's party were scared into changing sides or leaving.   What is left of the government may not be sufficient to qualify as a viable national government of the ethnically divided country. 

 Crimea is an autonomous republic within the Ukraine with a mostly Russian population.   Only 28% of the population is ethnic Ukrainian.   Reestablishing a stable government in the Ukraine will be more difficult if ethnic Russians are forced to be part of a nation where they don't feel they belong.  Thus it would make more sense for the republic to become part of Russia then remain part of the Ukraine.   Russia is attempting to stabilize an unstable political situation and prevent a civil war.  Obama doesn't understand that President Vladimir Putin  isn't going to destroy the government and then let the country descend into chaos like Obama did in Libya.

Obama seems oblivious to the possibility that calling attention to a nation in which protestors forced a president to resign might encourage his opponents to try to use protests to push him into resigning.  His support for those who used protests to change the government indicates he considers that approach an acceptable alternative to elections.

The 25th Amendment to the Constitution who is physically or mentally unable to handle the duties of President.   The vice president and members of the cabinet can temporarily relieve a president who has lost touch with reality.   The presidency is a high stress job and high stress can cause mental and physical problems including high blood pressure and heart disease.   Many historians . believe that the stress of dealing with political scandals killed President Warren G. Harding.  

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