Friday, February 14, 2020

Do You Live in Fort Stepford?

I considered  naming the Fort after the Ohio city that threw two retired veterans in  jail for not painting their home.  The heartless city officials were ungrateful for the fact  that the veterans were willing to risk all of their tomorrows so the city officials could have their todays. 

The veterans didn't know they were living in Fort Stepford.  The fictional city of  Stepford is the home  of robotic wives. A Fort Stepford  city is a city where government martinets try to force rigid adherence to the city's military like regulations.  City codes define the condition a resident owner's  house and yard must be in to avoid a fine. or worse.  If you have an old car you want to fix "someday" you will need a garage to keep it in because you can't keep an old car in your yard  in Fort Stepford.

Fort Stepford  cities don't care about people.  Fort Stepford  cities don't care if people are happy.  Fort Stepford  cities only care about appearances.  Fort Stepford  cities don't care if people have a place to live as long as houses are "neat and pretty". Fort Stepford  cities don't care if people have enough to eat as long as houses are properly painted.
People friendly cities recognize a house can only be a home if the  house and yard serve the personality and interests of  the resident owner.   People ..have to conform  to  an employer's behavior standards at work. Home is where they can be  themselves.  Adults and  children can play with their "toys" and keep a toy in the yard even if the "toy" is a 1956  Chevy.


Mein Kampf said...

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The British site BitChute also uses San Francisco’s Disqus and it is worse than San Francisco’s YouTube could ever hope to be, they have all the malcontents from YouTube, plus the craziest left wing anti-Trump fruitcakes I ever saw. Lurking over at Minds and Gab, you will see that they are just like Twitter and Facebook, the ones who cry the loudest about censorship are usually the first to flag comments or conspire with others to get someone “banned.” It is not that censorship that bothers anybody, it is only about who has the power to do it...

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The pathetic begging for shekels every quarter is laughable and it should have told me Free Republic is really a bunch of broke pot smoking losers not worth the time. My mistake for thinking Free Republic was any different than any other commie infested pot smoker shithole on the internet. The best consolation, however, is that I did not give the one legged old bugger any money, and I will expose what a fake Free Republic really is... a bunch of intellectual cowards. 

Fuck you very much,

Clarence W. Spangle

Editor said...

Sock chucking Nazi POS, we will take care of you like we do the communists and jihadis.