Thursday, September 13, 2018

Did Barack Obama Help Donald Trump Defeat Hillary Clinton?

If  the Russian hacking operation helped Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, as many Democrats believe, then President Barack Obama obviously helped Trump defeat Clinton by allowing the Russians to hack the Democrats' emails.  Although I doubt that the Russian hacking had any impact on the election, I recognize  that if Obama believed the Russians would help Trump win he obviously wanted Trump to defeat Clinton. 

Why would Obama want fellow Democrat Clinton to lose to a Republican?  I don't have any inside information, but there is a persistent rumor that Obama has been plotting to return to the White House.   If Clinton had won he would not have been able to run again until 2024.  With Republican Trump in the White House, Obama can run again in 2020.   The media have blamed Trump for the hacking operation and ignored reports that Obama was aware of it and didn't stop it.  Obviously, if Obama had wanted Clinton to win he would have tried to stop any Russian effort that could have kept her from winning. 

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