Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Killer to Get ESPY "Courage" Award

It was in the county of Los Angeles, California.   It was Saturday Feb. 7, 2015.   At 12:12 P.M. the call came in.  ESPY's future hero then known as Bruce Jenner had been courageously driving along the Pacific Coast Highway at just over 46 mph  casually smoking a cigarette like an old movie hero.   He was apparently unaware of the danger ahead where some vehicles were stopping at a traffic light.   ESPY's future hero didn't have to worry.   The big Cadillac SUV he was driving would protect ESPY's hero from injury when he couldn't stop fast enough to avoid hitting the Lexus ahead of him.  The impact caused the Lexus to cross over into the oncoming traffic lane where the driver Kim  Howe died when a hummer hit her vehicle.

Jenner probably wouldn't be charged with misdemeanor vehicular homicide, which in California can carry a penalty of one year in the county jail, even if he weren't a celebrity because his mistake of following too close is too common.      It appears to be a only  coincidence that after the accident Jenner changed his appearance and name.

Perhaps the advertisers of the ESPY's, such as Capital One,  should be commended for risking acquiring a negative image from sponsoring a courage award for a man who less than six months ago accidentally killed a woman whose only "crime" was being in his way.   Jenner's recent life differs substantially from the life of other award recipients,   Other recipients dealt with conditions that threatened their lives or in a few cases they received the award posthumously.  Jenner negligently took an innocent life.   Most of us would think someone wanting to give an courage award to a killer would at least wait a year or two to show respect for the victim.   Apparently the ESPY advertisers don't think a celebrity killing an ordinary person who has done nothing to deserve that fate is any big deal.

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