Sunday, January 10, 2016

Is Princess Hillary too Thin-Skinned for Presidency?

 The American media's heir apparent to the presidency, Princess Hillary Clinton, has had a hissy fit because that cad  Donald Trump slipped a pea under her mattress.  She's all a flutter  because he used a sexually oriented word  that 99% of Americans have never heard of.   Princess Hillary seems to believe that women should be protected from such language like they were in the 1950's.    Or,maybe she's been so protected she doesn't know some women use more well known words with a similar meaning.  I've even heard teenage girls use such terms in church.

I started  writing when the incident happened but decided I didn't want to disrupt my Christmas mood by writing about politics.   I forgot about the subject until a few days ago when  I  saw a commercial that used a comparable term that more Americans are familiar with.   I don't want to risk offending anyone, or upsetting the text editor,  so I won't use it.   I'll only say it involves the type of activity that got Bill Clinton in trouble.  I also belatedly watched Blake Shelton's  "Christmas" special which featured other sexually related words that have become acceptable.

When I first heard the bleeped version of Trump's comment on television, I thought maybe he was suggesting Princess Hillary was what many people believe Trump is the son of.   That prompted an unsuccessful search for a quote from the 1972 Democrat race for the presidential nomination.  I don't remember which candidate's wife  said it about the wife of another candidate, but here it is:  "she's an I can't say it but it rhymes with rich." 

I was surprised to find out it had been used again during the 1984 general election race.  Barbara Bush, whose husband George H.W. Bush was the incumbent Vice President, used the phrase to describe the Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro.   Some sources suggest she said "rhymes with witch."

Trump also has been criticized for retweeting a message from Texas cowgirl Sawyer Burmeister: "If Hillary can't satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?"  Burmeister later retracted the tweet.   Burmeister's tweet raises the question of what Princess Hillary meant when she said that Trump's word was humiliating to women.  Did Princess Hillary mean that talking about sex was humiliating to women or that sex was humiliating to women?

While looking for a link for this post I was reminded of Princess Hillary's bathroom break during a debate.  I know what my mom would have said: "she should have gone before the debate."  My mom always had us kids use the bathroom before we went any place.  

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