Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Madam" Clinton for President

As I was looking at the Sunday evening tv schedule, it suddenly hit me that the one title Hillary Clinton should want to avoid is "Madam".   When I noticed the title of the show "Madam Secretary"  I remembered something drill sergeants warned us about during basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in 1968.  At that time women in the army were in the Women's Army Corps. 

We had already been told that male officers should be called "sir".   We were then told to call a WAC officer "ma'am", but never, ever under any circumstances were we to call a WAC officer "madam" unless we didn't want to go on living.  Calling a WAC officer "madam" implied she was in charge of a bunch of prostitutes because "madam" was the title given to a woman who ran a brothel.

Considering Bill Clinton's record,  many of us  wonder if Hillary would earn the title of Madam by letting Bill turn the White House into the "Chicken Ranch" east.    For those of you who have never heard of the Chicken Ranch, it's a place in Nevada where men like Bill Clinton go to have fun.

Hopefully, voters will be smart enough to ignore the efforts of mainstream media to force Hillary down our throats and we will never find out if Hillary would have become the White House's Madam.

I haven't wanted to waste my time watching the show "Madam Secretary", but judging from the promos, The Clinton Broadcasting System has cast a Hillary clone as Secretary of State in an attempt to con voter into ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State since WWII.

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