Thursday, June 18, 2015

E! Network Paying Jenner for "Sex Change"

The E! Network has destroyed the story by the actor formerly know as Bruce Jenner that his decision to adopt a female persona is a result of some feeling he really is a woman even  though he still wants to have sex with them.  E! is doing a series on Jenner's transformation into a female character named Caitlyn.  Now don't we all feel sorry for Jenner having to take all that money to the bank.  I wonder if he will be crying all the way to the bank.

Jenner has no intention of becoming an anatomically correct woman.  He prefers to have sex with women which indicates his brain is male rather than female.   His brain and body are of the same sex which means he is not transsexual.  He merely wants to be a character called "Caitlyn" during the day.  At night if he can find a woman to go to bed with he plans to still be Bruce.

The term for entertainers who wish to  perform as female characters is "female impersonator".  Males who aren't entertainers who like to dress as women are called "transvestites".   Such men don't want to be women.    Twin advice columnists Ann Landers and Abigail van Buren used to claim they had been told transvestites were better lovers than other men.   However, I'm not aware of any scientific studies on the subject.

Men should be allowed to dress as women if they can do so without looking too ridiculous.  If women can get jobs digging ditches and driving dump trucks, men should be allowed to look beautiful if they can.  However, I can understand why women don't want such men in their restrooms.  Old overweight guys like me or men who look like the actor who played the character with the metal teeth in the James Bond movies probably shouldn't try to look beautiful.

 Those who think Jenner is being courageous ignore the fact that we accept it when entertainers do  what might be considered outrageous appearance or behavior for non-entertainers. Music videos by singers like Madonna can have a weird appearance.   We may even prefer that entertainers act weirdly.   That way we can say maybe we can't sing or act like Pat Superstar, but at least we're normal.  Circus owner P.T. Barnum recognized in the 19th Century that people would spend money to watch a "freak" show.

 Jenner is not homosexual, but people today accept homosexual entertainers.   Singer Sir Elton John remains popular even though people know he's homosexual. Ross "The Intern" Matthews  on the Jay Leno show was openly homosexual.  

Liberace was a very popular pianist in the mid 20th Century in America and Britain even though many recognized that he was homosexual.  He denied it but his speech, clothing and mannerisms fit the stereotype people had of homosexuals.   His denial may have helped his popularity among those who thought they knew his secret.   They would have watched for clues they thought indicated he was homosexual.   People at the time knew that homosexuals usually didn't admit it.

The exception to acceptance of homosexuals would be men who want women to see them as sex symbols.   Women aren't as likely to swoon over men who "don't like girls".

Female impersonators like Jenner have long been accepted as entertainers.  People like to watch men impersonating women.  Many people consider such situations inherently humorous which could mean Jenner has a better chance of success impersonating a woman than if he played male characters.

 RuPaul Andre Charles has had television shows for years.  Frank Marino has made a career in Las  Vegas impersonating Joan Rivers, including 20 years at the Riviera Hotel.   Australian John Barry Humphries  has played the aristocratic character  Dame Edna Everage for 50 years in Britain and America. The character started out as a housewife.

Robin Williams [Mrs. Doubtfire] and Dustin Hoffman [Tootsie] appeared in successful movies in which the male character each played impersonated a woman to get a job.  Actors Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari started their careers playing women on the tv series "Bosom Buddies."    Jamie Farr helped make the popular series M*A*S*H* a success by playing a character who was trying to get out of the army by wearing women's clothes.

When E! was paying Jenner to be a husband and father he acted like he was a normal heterosexual male. Now that it wants to pay Jenner to be a female character Jenner claims to really be a woman.  Jenner seems to be whatever sex the network is paying for.

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