Sunday, February 6, 2011

Media Sheep Love to Attack Snowball (Palin)

After the animals took over the farm in George Orwell's "Animal Farm", the pig named "Napoleon" decided to use the sheep to help destroy his rival "Snowball" . For example, he would have them bleat during the speeches of Snowball who was a better public speaker.and had more success in winning public favor.

The Democrats' Media Sheep have been treating former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin the same way Napoleon's sheep treated Snowball.

They go out of their way to blame her for anything that goes wrong like the recent shooting in Tucson. In blaming Palin they conveniently ignored the fact that pollster Mark Penn in an interview by Chris Matthews after the November election suggested that President Barack Obama needed something like the Oklahoma City bombing to reconnect with voters. I doubt that Obama's supporters had anything to do with the Tucson shooting, but Obama did use it to improve his public standing..

The Media Sheep didn't say anything when University of Tennessee law Professor Glenn Reynolds in a "Wall Street Journal" article accused them of a "blood libel" because they were trying to blame Palin for the shooting. The Media Sheep didn't start bleating about the term until Palin repeated Reynolds' accusation.

They will try to twist whatever she says to make her look bad. For example, the Media Sheep criticized Palin for doing creating the new word "refudiate" as if only certain people are allowed to create new words. Journalists can come up with ridiculous words like "Monicagate" as a term for Bill Clinton's sex scandal, but the Media Sheep objected to Palin suggesting a word that sounds like it should be an acceptable word.

One of the strengths of the English language is that it allows creation of new words such as by combining existing words or adding a suffix or prefix. New meanings can be given to existing words. The Huffington Post article criticizing "refudiate" used words for the sounds birds make, "twitter" and "tweet", with their new definitions for cryptic phone text communications. "Refudiate " makes more sense as a new word than the Facebook term "unfriend".

The Huffington Post also supported the tempest in a teapot regarding Palin's use of "crib notes" in the form of a few key words written on her hand, apparently to remind her of some concepts she wanted to comment on.

These same Media Sheep see no problem with President Barack Obama using a teleprompter to insure he says what those who bought the White House for him want him to say. Palin used only a couple of words to remind her of topics she wanted to mention.. Obama needs to read complete speeches.

It's more important that politicians communicate what they want to communicate than that they memorize everything they want to say.

Since 1968 political reporters have had a tendency to think that a losing vice presidential candidate is somehow the logical choice for the next presidential nomination. They have this attitude in spite of the fact that in the last 200 years only one losing vice presidential candidate ever won a presidential election. And, Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn't run until 12 years after he lost and he won in large part because he ran against an incumbent in the middle of the Depression.

I suspect many of the Media Sheep are jealous of Palin's popularity. She's the new Queen of Perky. She's energetic and personable.

Palin is a real person. She's more like former President Harry Truman than the artificial type politicians who think they must act in certain ways and say what their advisers tell them to say. As comedian Flip Wilson's alter ego Geraldine Jones might say with Sarah Palin "what you see is what you get".

People support to her because she sincerely believes what they believe. Unlike most politicians, she doesn't just take positions because some public opinion poll says that is what people want to hear. She speaks for her supporters rather than to them.

I don't know whether she has presidential ambitions or not. If she does she would be better off delaying a run for the White House until she can get more administrative experience such as by serving as a cabinet secretary in a Republican administration. Her experience as a governor of Alaska provided better training for the presidency than serving in the glorified debating society known as the U.S. Senate, but the federal government has more employees than Alaska has people.

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