Monday, August 31, 2015

Planned Parenthood Worse then Slavers

Planned Parenthood has found an even more morally repugnant way to make money than selling men, women and children for profit.   Lifenews has been running a series of stories about how Planned Parenthood has been selling aborted baby parts for profit.  They separate the parts from the babies they abort and sell the parts for research or medical treatment.

Maybe someone other than I could justify donating parts from aborted babies for research or treatment, but there is no way to justify selling baby parts like they were parts from a wrecked car.

I wonder if the black women who allow Planned Parenthood to abort their babies know Planned Parenthood plans to sell the baby parts for Planned Parenthood's profit like an auto savage yard sells old car parts.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Possible Stock Market Treason

Months ago I saw a rumor that some crooked billionaires had worked out a scheme to profit from a stock market crash.  At the time I thought it must be just an urban legend.  No one could be so stupid as to try to crash the stock market, particularly while the nation is at war.  Now I'm not so sure it's just an urban legend. 

Ron Paul and other hucksters are advertising that we should follow their advice to avoid the economic debacle they claim is coming.   Someone needs to tell these dopes that if they succeed in causing an economic panic they could face prison or worse.

The United States is in a war with the terrorist groups al Qaeda and ISIS.   Wars are not just fought with bullets and bombs.  Damaging an enemy's economy can also be a weapon of war.

Al Qeada's 9/11 attack didn't just kill people.  It temporarily damaged the U.S. economy.   Terrorist groups could use a major American economic calamity as evidence that the United States is finished and they are going to win.   Such a claim could be a powerful recruiting tool.

If people were to cause a stock market crash, they would in effect be "giving aid and comfort to the enemy"(i.e., committing treason).  

Stock market "panics" are as much, if not more, psychological events rather than economic events.   Getting people to believe a crash will occur can be a deliberate attempt to cause the crash.  Predicting a crash can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In time of war an American President such as Barack Obama could charge those involved in crashing the market with treason regardless of whether they were motivated by greed or actually wanted to help an enemy of the United States.   Action might involve more than just criminal prosecution.   If individuals are "giving aid to an enemy", government could convince the courts to allow confiscation of their economic assets to prevent the assets from being transferred to the enemy.

Spreading rumors of imminent stock market crashes can be considered the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater and the United States Supreme Court has said yelling fire in a theater is not protected by the first amendment.    This fact means that any television station, newspaper,  online media site, etc.  that provides a forum for spreading such rumors could be prosecuted as a "co-conspirator".

Congress needs to examine this situation to see if legislation is needed to discourage any economic problems or to provide additional grounds for prosecution.  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Truth About Slavery

Many of the descendants of North American slaves have a delusion that slavery was only about white people owning black people.   The fact is that Africans were capturing, enslaving and selling each other for centuries before Christopher Columbus discovered a new market for African slave traders.   Africans continued to enslave each other after the end of North American slavery.  There are numerous reports that Africans still practice slavery.

The career of  Englishman John Newton demonstrates not only that whites could be slaves, but that those who engaged in the slave trade could also be slaves.   Newton was a sailor on a slave ship whose shipmates sold him to a West African slave trader because  they didn't get along with him.   A friend of Newton's retired ship captain father arranged to free Newton. Newton eventually got a position as the captain of a slave ship.  A religious experience convinced Newton to become a Christian minister and become active in the movement to abolish slavery.  He wrote the popular hymn "Amazing Grace" which according to gospel singer Larnelle Harris uses a west African sorrow chant for the melody.

The initial forced labor in the British North American colonies involved indentured servants who served a limited amount of time and were then freed. Many whites volunteered to  serve a period of time in exchange for funds to pay for their trip to North America.  The Africans and many Irish were forced to travel to the British colonies. Irish were sometimes sentenced to "transportation to America" for illegal acts.  Most indentured servants were white, particularly Irish, but some were Africans like Anthony Johnson who like white indentured servants was given some land after being freed.  Johnson used indentured servants on his land. 

Later when a decision was made to allow people to be held as permanent slaves, only Africans could be permanent slaves because they were foreigners.  The law didn't allow British subjects to be permanent slaves.  However, initially black children of indentured servants could be treated as permanent slaves because the mother's status as free or nor free determined the  child's status.  By the time permanent slavery began whites and blacks had been having relationships for years and produced children of mixed ancestry.   Some plantation owners forced white indentured servants to mate with black men so the children would become permanent slaves.  This practice increased the portion of the slave population that had European [white] genes as well as African [black] genes.   The slave population received additional white DNA from slave owners and overseers.

The relationships among those of mixed ancestry and between those with  mixed ancestry and whites were producing children who could " pass for white " in the 18th Century.   Some with a slightly dark complexion might have claimed to be of North American or Mediterranean ancestry to gain acceptance as whites.  The relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his sister-in-law and virtual wife  Sally Hemings provides an example of this situation.  Hemings was the daughter of a union between Jefferson's father-in-law  John Wayles. and a slave. Wayles took Hemings' mother as his concubine after his first three wives died.   Hemings was legally classified as  "white" and had  long straight hair, but the social situation and laws governing slavery likely made an actual marriage impossible.   Some of their children later passed for white after being freed and leaving Virginia. 

This situation demonstrates that slavery was no longer about "race" or "color" in 1800.  Even though Hemings was the "white" daughter of a plantation owner, she was still considered a slave who became part of the property of her father's estate when he died in 1774. 

Various accounts in the following years indicate that household servants were often of lighter complexion than field slaves.   Many suggest this situation indicates color prejudice.  The more likely explanation is that the household servants had lighter complexions because they were related to the plantation owner.

By the time of the Civil War there were a relatively small number of black slave owners and  many slaves who were light complexioned or even white.   The strange case of Jane / Alexina Morrison demonstrates that slavery wasn't necessarily about color.  According to the slave trader who sold her in Louisiana the blonde haired blue-eyed young woman he called "Jane" was born a slave. The woman who called herself "Alexina" sued him for kidnapping her after she escaped from him. The case bounced around the Louisiana courts just before the Civil War with juries siding with the woman and the courts with the slave trader.  It  apparently is still technically before the courts.   Regardless of which person was telling the truth, the fact that the courts even considered the possibility of Morrison being a slave demonstrates that white slaves were a part of southern slavery by the start of the Civil War.   Some of the escaped slaves whose narratives were published before the Civil War mentioned having seen white slaves.   

Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Madam" Clinton for President

As I was looking at the Sunday evening tv schedule, it suddenly hit me that the one title Hillary Clinton should want to avoid is "Madam".   When I noticed the title of the show "Madam Secretary"  I remembered something drill sergeants warned us about during basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in 1968.  At that time women in the army were in the Women's Army Corps. 

We had already been told that male officers should be called "sir".   We were then told to call a WAC officer "ma'am", but never, ever under any circumstances were we to call a WAC officer "madam" unless we didn't want to go on living.  Calling a WAC officer "madam" implied she was in charge of a bunch of prostitutes because "madam" was the title given to a woman who ran a brothel.

Considering Bill Clinton's record,  many of us  wonder if Hillary would earn the title of Madam by letting Bill turn the White House into the "Chicken Ranch" east.    For those of you who have never heard of the Chicken Ranch, it's a place in Nevada where men like Bill Clinton go to have fun.

Hopefully, voters will be smart enough to ignore the efforts of mainstream media to force Hillary down our throats and we will never find out if Hillary would have become the White House's Madam.

I haven't wanted to waste my time watching the show "Madam Secretary", but judging from the promos, The Clinton Broadcasting System has cast a Hillary clone as Secretary of State in an attempt to con voter into ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State since WWII.

Monday, August 3, 2015

How God Ended North American Slavery

The actions God took to end slavery in North America provide an example of the truth of the religious phrase "God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform."

Although southern leaders in 1860 might have been upset that there weren't  going to be any more slave states,  there didn't appear to be any realistic prospect that the United States government would end slavery in the near future.   Even if there had been sufficient sentiment in the north to abolish slavery,  neither Congress nor the President had any constitutional authority to end slavery, especially if  they tried to do so without compensating the owners for the loss of their slaves.  Even if the west could have been divided into enough states to ratify a constitutional amendment eliminating slavery, such a situation would have been decades in the future.

Slavery was unpopular in the north, but northern whites didn't want slavery in their states because they  were often bigots who hated the people most often held as slaves.  Keeping slaves out meant keeping blacks out.   Northern whites might have been reluctant to end slavery without assurance that the freed slaves wouldn't move to the northern states.  

Slavery had caused the nation to become two different economic and social entities  beginning in the colonial era.

The southern colonies were solely economic entities that had found some high value labor intensive crops that could be grown for profit in the southeastern climate.  They had early turned to forced immigration of Irish and African workers to supplement voluntary immigrants to obtain the necessary labor.   The first workers were temporary indentured servants who served for several years and were then given their freedom.  Plantations later switched to having the Africans become permanent slaves.  English law didn't allow English subjects to be permanent slaves, but plantation owners got a law allowing "foreigners" [i.e., Africans] to become permanent slaves

The northern colonies drew more from religious dissidents: such as  Pilgrims and Puritans in New England and Quakers in Pennsylvania.  

The debate over slavery in 1860 reflected this difference.  Southerners viewed slavery as an economic issue. They had depended on some form of forced labor [indentured servants or permanent slaves] for 240 years and couldn't envision a different labor system for agriculture,   Residents of northeastern states viewed slavery as a religious issue in 1860, even though they had earlier sailed the ships that brought the slaves.   Residents of western states viewed it as a racial issue.  They didn't want blacks either as slaves or free people.

On the surface, the specific reasons Confederate states gave for seceding from the Union weren't  sufficient to justify such a drastic action.  There was no significant threat to the south or slavery.     However, a more general reading of the reasons indicates the leaders of the Confederate states no longer felt they were part  of the United States.  Confederate leaders felt their states were alienated from the United States.   They had unrealistic expectations.  For example, they complained about not being able to expand the slave trade to the plains and mountain states, but the climate of those areas could not have supported plantation type slave agriculture.

The slow progress of the war against the tenacious Confederate army created concerns that European powers might decide to support the Confederate states.  This situation forced  President Abraham Lincoln to gamble by issuing a wartime executive order called the Emancipation Proclamation to punish slave owners in the rebellious states by freeing their slaves.  The Proclamation could have caused the four slave states that had remained in the union to secede.   The Proclamation neutralized Britain which had been leading the effort to eliminate the international slave trade.

Prior to the war most of the states that remained in the union had prevented blacks from voting.  The length of the war angered northern residents so much that by the end of the war they were willing to "punish the southern states" by ratifying constitutional amendments to guarantee the freed slaves, and their own black residents, the right to vote and equal protection of the laws.

The protection of the rights of former slaves would remain an elusive dream for a century after the Civil War, but the war provided the only opportunity to provide the promise of a society in which skin color wouldn't matter.   It would have been difficult to have gotten the 14th Amendment ratified in 1960.  Without that amendment the civil rights legislation of the 60's might not have been possible.

The adoption of the Civil War's civil rights amendments represented a miracle as did the elimination of North American slavery.   In 1860 there was no realistic way to end slavery other than through transformation of the southern economy from an agricultural orientation to a manufacturing orientation which could have taken decades.

Confederate leaders took the only action that made elimination of slavery possible.  A peacetime president had no authority to act against slavery.   However, a wartime president could act against slavery because war creates its own reality.   If the war had ended quickly, President Abraham Lincoln would not have had a reason to act.  

The Confederate army's ability to force a lengthy war pressured Lincoln into making slavery an issue for diplomatic reasons.  The length of the war created animosity in the north against the south and a desire to punish the Confederate states.   The abolitionists were able to exploit this anger to get the northern states to forget that their own black residents would get the same rights.

I'll let readers decide for themselves.  Did North American slavery end because of a "happy accident", or did God affect the minds of those involved so that they unintentionally took the actions that would end slavery and at least potentially guarantee the freed slaves equal rights?