Friday, November 21, 2014

Is Obama Immigration Plan a Trap?

People who are in the United States illegally need to realize that President Barack Obama's immigration proposal [even if he is sincere] could a trap.  People who identify themselves to the government could be the first to be deported if Republicans can  get the courts to invalidate the plan or a Republican is elected president in 2016.  Those who are living in the United States illegally need to "stay in the shadows" until they can be guaranteed amnesty if they "come out of the shadows".

President Obama may mean well with his proposal, but,  considering his recent security problems, illegal immigrants can't be sure something bad won't happen to him before there is actual approval of an amnesty plan.   Considering how passionately some people have been on the immigration issue, Obama's action may increase the likelihood that some crackpot will try to attack him.

 Another potential problem is that his unilateral action may anger enough Congressional Republicans to reduce the potential for Congressional action.

There certainly will be one or more attempts to have the courts invalidate the plan.    With Republicans in control of both houses of Congress there could be a revival of the birth certificate issue that would force Obama to produce his real birth certificate or at least a better forgery than the last one.   The last "birth certificate" Obama posted on line was an obvious forgery because it listed his father's race as "African".   The word "African" cannot be used for race because two different so called races live in Africa:  a dark skinned "race" south of the Sahara and a lighted skinned "race" north of the Sahara that is considered "white".   If Republicans could proved Obama is qualified to be president than any immigration proposal he made would be invalid.  

A moratorium on deportation of otherwise law abiding immigrants is appropriate while there is a possibility of immigration reform.  It would be unfair to deport some family just before action that would allow them to remain here legally.