Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lame Duck Session May Do Nothing

Those who are expecting the Lame Duck session of Congress to deal with controversial issues like taxes and immigration may be disappointed. The lame duck Democrats who lost their reelection bids may not have to worry about voter reaction to their votes, but the Senators racing reelection in 2012 have a lot to worry about.

Senate Democrats up for reelection in 2012 may prefer to avoid dealing with any controversial issues because a vote either way could reduce the chance of being reelected. A Democrat who votes one way on an issue could motivate a strong Republican to run in 2012. A vote the other way might provoke a fellow Democrat to challenge in the primary.

The Democrats who were first elected in 2006 have the most to worry about because voters chose them more to protest President George W. Bush than from any real support for the Democratic Party.

Those facing reelection in 2012 will be in the spotlight during the lame duck session. No one cares what the lame ducks do. There won't be much interest in those Senators up for reelection in 2014

After the new Congress takes over in January some of the media attention will shift to the House and the new Republican Senators.

Why Pay for Newspaper Lies?

Recently published figures indicate newspaper circulation continues to decline. The economy and the Internet certainly play a role in that decline. Another reason may be that people don't see any reason to pay to be lied to about political issues.

Many editors and political reporters have ceased being journalists. Most of them have become propagandists for the Democratic Party with a smaller number supporting the Republican Party.

Media Democrats seem more inclined to take orders from politicians. Republicans like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity prefer to try to give orders to Republicans.

MSNBC recently suspended Keith Olbermann for contributing money to three Democratic candidates, but has never complained about him giving free advertising worth tens of millions to Democratic candidates.

Keith Olbermann and other partisan Democratic "journalists" are nothing more than "media sheep" for the Democratic Party. In George Orwell's "Animal Farm" the pigs take charge of the revolution that overthrows the farmer.

Napoleon makes himself the chief pig and uses the sheep to spread his propaganda. He controls them so completely that he is even able to get them to change their message without complaint. For example, he initially has them bleat "four legs good, two legs bad" to indicate that the animals are good and humans are bad. Later when he and the other pigs learn to walk on two legs he gets them to bleat "four legs good, two legs better" to indicate that the pigs are superior to the other animals.

The Democrats' media sheep don't understand that blindly following any Democrat who mumbles the right catch phrases has hurt their party. The media sheep's unwillingness to look behind the curtain of the self proclaimed wizards of the Democratic Party has allowed charlatan and incompetents to take over the party.

The media sheep like to repeat the old Democratic mantra that it is the Republican Party that is the party of the rich while ignoring the fact that supporters of the Democratic Party like George Soros and Warren Buffett aren't poor folks. The media sheep ignore the fact that during the Clinton administration Sen. Joe Lieberman, a Democrat, wrote legislation approved by a Democratic Congress that allowed Enron to flourish and rip off its stockholders.

Democrats and their media sheep are the ones pushing the carbon dioxide cap and trade scheme pushed by the late dinosaurs Enron and Lehman Brothers along with other wealthy financial interests. Enron wrote the Kyoto accords for the Clinton administration.

It's been easy to identify the Democrats media sheep since the election. Media sheep believe that President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress were taking the economy forward. They claim that Republicans will take us backwards.

The media sheep are either too lazy to research the facts or don't care if they are telling the truth or not.

Unemployment went up early in the administration of President George W. Bush because of the small recession at the end of the Clinton administration, the collapse of the dot.com businesses and 9/11. However, by January. 2007, when the Democrats took control of Congress unemployment had fallen from 6.3% to 4.65% according to Labor Department statistics. .

After two years of the Democratic controlled Congress unemployment rose to 7.7%. After Barack Obama moved into the White House unemployment rose to 10.1% before stabilizing at about 9.6%.

Cowboy, if you think those numbers indicate the economy has been going forward under the Democrats, you're facing the wrong end of the horse. If Republicans are taking us "back" it's because they have to go back along the wrong road the Democrats have been on before taking us forward.

Newspaper publishers need to decide whether they want to serve the Democratic Party, regardless of the quality of its candidates, or the readers who buy their papers. The recent election disaster for Democrats demonstrates that the media's efforts to help Democrats isn't working because voters are smart enough to recognize incompetence in those holding public office. Voters can recognize when the emperor has no clothes. Media sheep cannot.